Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is the last post today, I swear.  There was just one last piece of my outfit that I wanted to tell you about.

Last week, I wrote about the newest addition to my winter coat arsenal.  Well, this is last year's major score.  This is an Esprit, military-inspired wool coat that I scored at Ross for $80!  Unfortunately, when I found it, I couldn't commit right away, then when I got home, I had the opposite of buyer's remorse.  Instead, I had why-didn't-I-buyer's remorse.

Once I realized the error of my ways, I sent my husband back to Ross to secure the last coat for me.  But, alas, someone had beat me to it.  Poo!  I immediately started scouring the internet for the same coat, but the cheapest price online was $300!  Talk about insult to injury!

Luckily, I'm as stubborn as they come and wasn't going to give up that easily.  The very next weekend, I drove to the next closest Ross, which was 45 minutes away.  And there, I completely lucked out!  They had ONE left in my size.  See?  If it's meant to be, it will be - but you may still have to work for it!

P.S.  Even better - this coat has a detachable, fur-lined hood!


  1. FABULOUS coat!!! I need a new one so bad, too, and I'm totally P.O.'d that I missed out on a deal for a coat I loved. I'm waiting for it to come around again. Glad you found yours!

  2. Great jacket! And love the hat! The fur hat look has a been a great one this winter. Don't you agree?


  3. I need a winter coat, too. I don't have any! Well, I do have one. It's from when I gained weight. It's ugly and has velcro.

    I'm waiting for the after Christmas sales to get a nice coat.

    I love your hat, too!

  4. I get why didn't I buy it remorse a lot! This coat is so flattering on you. I also love the non-costume version of the Janis Joplin look you've been pulling off lately.

  5. oooooooooooooo it looks fabulous! yay for persistence!

  6. That coat looks pretty cozy, and I'm still in love with your fur hat!

  7. I have why-didn't-I-buyer's remorse all the time!
    there's a grey leather bomber jacket somewhere in England that I still think about, haha.

    GREAT coat.

  8. Yeah! You got your coat:) Looks super awesome too.

  9. hah! good thing you found another. I have a very similar coat, it's kept in storage in Calgary (desn't get so cold here, only need one heavy duty winter coat). It's sucha fab coat though I want to go get it.

  10. The coat is gorgeous! Yay for being able to find it. Take care!

  11. i'm glad you ended up with the coat because it is FAB! it's so nicely tailored. non-buyer's remorse is the worst feeling, so this story gives me hope for some things i've passed up and regretted :)

    i also really love that furry hat! ~joelle

  12. Your little fuzzy hat made my day :) Goodness, I love Ross, Marshall's. etc! Glad you snagged that coat-it looks lovely!

  13. Seriously, where there's a will, a woman would find her way to the store. Ahh the joys finding the item that you have been eying:-)
    Great outfit btw.


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