Thursday, October 21, 2010

tucker, take two

10-20-10 1
10-20-10 2

Now, for the second "shower curtain"dress.  I don't know what drew me to this dress, but I love it.  I can't get enough of the ruffles on the back, especially since they fall just below my hair.  The bright colors are so seasonal and believe it or not, I've actually got 2 more combinations in mind for this fiery frock.  The best comment I received was when a friend gave me a baffled look and said, "I like your dress.  It's a little a little moo-mooish, yet somehow sexy."  It's the boots.

10-20-10 3
10-20-10 4
10-20-10 5

Yesterday was kind of a big day.  There's been some higher-ups from the company observing us this week, and I was a little nervous.  What better way to prepare for a crazy day than with a new crazy dress?  I felt like a million bucks and got great feedback on my performance.  Score and score.

10-20-10 6
10-20-10 7

I just had to share this last photo.  It looks like such a nice picture until I noticed Iggy's hiked up leg.  Yes, he's lifting his leg to pee ... on nothing.  Oh, Iggy...

10-20-10 8
Dress: Tucker for Target, $27 - Tights: Hue, Ross - Boots: Macy's, $65

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