Monday, November 22, 2010

15 of 30: lounge around town

30 day 15

Since I've decided to do 30 consecutive days for the 30 for 30, I've been posting my weekend wear.  Last weekend wasn't much different than my weekday wear, since I was traveling.  But this past weekend was a lot of being in the house other than a few quick trips for food.  It's an interesting change of pace to start documenting my weekend wear.

11-21-10 1
11-21-10 2

I tend to wear slight variations of the same outfit on most weekends.  Since the weather has been so temperate, I took the oppotunity to wear my cut-offs all weekend.  Sans tights even.

11-21-10 3
11-21-10 5

So, this is what I look like on a typical weekend.  Little to no make-up, completely undone hair and the comfiest clothes I can find.  What' your typical weekend wear?

11-21-10 4
11-21-10 6
Cardigan: Ralph Lauren outlet, $50 - Shirt: Target, $12ish - Cut-offs: thrifted DIY, $2 - Boots: Macy's, $65

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