Thursday, December 9, 2010

28 of 30: nylons are the opposite of warm

30 day 28

Frick!  It's so cold and I'm so not ready for it!  I am, however, slightly more ready for Christmas.  I'm going to be traveling over the next 2 weekends (to 2 major cities - I feel like such a jetsetter!), so I wanted to get our Christmas stuff done early.  Go me!

12-8-10 1
12-8-10 2

Last year, we didn't even get a Christmas tree.  Lame, I know, but I was working so much that decorating just seemed like another chore and I wanted to not add anymore stress.  But this year, I want us to have our little Christmas.  I'm still not big on chores, so we went the easiest possible route - table top tree that comes already in the stand.  Best $15 I've ever spent.  Not really, but on a Christmas tree, yes.

More indoor pictures.  Lame again, right?  Wednesdays are the one day that I'm trapped inside from 9-5.  Until now, that is.  I'm am happy, and slightly nervous, to say that this was my last Wednesday of working long hours.  It will be a slight hit to the paycheck, so I'll have to bust my butt to make it up otherwise, but it was work that wasn't very productive for me and so I always felt as though I was wasting my time. (Holy run-on sentence!)  Anyway, I'm sure we'll be fine.  I know in my heart that everytime I open my life up to uncertainty, good things come.  And the good has already started.  Bottom line for you, though?  Fewer indoor photos.  hehe.

12-8-10 3

Iggy is always very skeptical of trees in the house.  We've trained him well.  He was so happy when John was coming through the door, but once he saw him carrying the tree, he did a 180 and started running away.  Too cute.  Wish Iggy luck today - he's going to the vet for his boosters.  Always good times.  Last year, it took FOUR people to draw his blood.  That is one person for every 3 pounds of Iggy.  Poor little guy.

12-8-10 4
12-8-10 5
Blazer: NY&Co, $21 - Shirt: Target, $12ish - Skirt: Target $13 - Boots: Macy's, $65

P.S. John's busting out the ugly holiday sweaters already!  Want to see more?  Search for "ugly sweater series" on my blog - there's some doozies!  I will do a round-up of them in the coming weeks.

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