Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the 30 for 30 massive round up

11-5-10 511-8-10 611-9-10 4
11-10-10 111-11-10 111-12-10 3
11-13-10 911-14-10 111-15-10 5
snapshot11-17-10 111-18-10 811-19-10 611-20-10 311-21-10 6
11-22-10 311-23-10 711-25-10 4
11-24-10 411-28-10 511-29-10 1
11-30-10 212-1-10 112-3-10 6
12-4-10 212-6-10 512-7-10 6
12-8-10 512-9-10 312-10-10 9

1. over-sized, high-waist black trousers (1)
2. vintage printed palazzo pants (6)
3. thrifted cut-offs (6)
4. indidenim flare leg jeans (5)

5. Target black lace skirt (6)
6. thrifted, vintage plaid wool skirt (2)
7. thrifted leopard print knit pencil skirt (3)
8. Target grey jersey maxi skirt (1)

9. Threadless brown v-neck tee (4)
10. Target striped shirt (3)
11. Target cream henley (3)
12. Alternative Apparel asymmetrical sweatshirt (2)
13. thrifted denim shirt (3)
14. Target red plaid flannel (2)
15. grey button-up oxford (5)
16. The Loft ruffle neck dusty rose blouse (4)

17. cropped, chunky knit Mavi grey cardi (2)
18. camel Ralph Lauren cardi (2)
19. NY&Co.  long, chunky rib knit sweater w/ removable cowl neck (3)
20. NY&Co. leopard cardi (1)
21. Target black turtleneck (2)

22. NY&Co. burgandy velveteen blazer (2)
23. DIYed tweed blazer w/ cargo pockets (1)
24. Charlotte Russe military vest (3)
25. military jacket (3)
26. Target grey faux leather moto jacket (1)

27. Old Navy leopard flats (1)
28. Wanted Shoes lace-up brown boots (17)
29. White Mtn. black over-the-knee boots (9)
30. Boutique 9 beige laceless oxfords (3)

So much happened in thirty days!  I turned 30, spent a weekend in Philly, celebrated Thanksgiving, ran the 9 mile Run for the Diamonds and completed my very first half marathon.  Now, that's a month!  And I did it all while wearing only 30 items of clothing!

It's fascinating to me to see the number of times that I wore each item.  Several items were only worn once, while others were worn up to 7 times.  The MVP's were definitely my cut-offs, vintage printed pants, and both pairs of boots.  It's pretty clear that I don't need a ton of pieces to create multiple unique looks.

I can't even come close to describing in words how much I loved doing this challenge.  I was really nervous about commiting to it.  If there's one thing I hate, it's feeling like I've been put in box.  But that couldn't have been further from the truth.  I felt tremendous freedom with my limited selection.  I was able to be creative with all of my accessories without feeling overwhelmed by an entire closet.  I feel much less anxious about shopping or constantly looking for something new.  Truly, I don't really miss it that much.  It's definitely made me realize that there is very little need for fast fashion in my life.  I'd much rather know my style, know what I want and have the patience to wait for it.  There's plenty of items in my closet to wear in the interim.

Did you do the 30 for 30 challenge?  What did you learn?

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