Monday, December 13, 2010

30 of 30: i finally finished something!

30 day 30

Just kidding.  I finish stuff all the time.  I probably finish just as many things as I don't finish.  That's pretty good odds, right?  Right?

12-10-10 1
12-10-10 2

I had every intention of doing something really creative and different for my 30 for 30 finale.  And then it snowed.  And it was cold.  Like, really cold.  So, I just went back to my weekend staples.

12-10-10 3
12-10-10 4
12-10-10 5

In case you don't remember, my snow-season attire is pretty cut and dry: tights, socks, boots, skirts/shorts, and layers, layers, layers.  I hate cold feet, and I hate wet pant legs, so it's pretty crucial that I keep everything well above ground level when it's snowy and wet.

12-10-10 6
12-10-10 7

Now that I have my entire wardrobe back, I find myself slightly overwhelmed.  I'm really looking to pare down the closet situation in the coming weeks.  It's becoming more and more clear to me which pieces are most versatile, express my style the best and have high enough quality to endure my repeated wear.  If it doesn't follow those requirements, it's weighing me down and it's gotta go.  I know I sound all cut throat now, but I fear I'll turn into a big softie when I actually start applying my new rules.

Must be stronger than the clothes ... must be stronger than the clothes...

12-10-10 8
12-10-10 9
Jacket: TJMaxx, $25 - Shirt: Thrifted, $4 - Short: Thrifted, $2 - Boots: c/o Wanted Shoes

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