Thursday, December 23, 2010

rolling stone

12-20-10 1
12-20-10 2

I can't believe that this photo is only from Monday.  It feels like months ago!  Emily, Clare and I got in some early morning outfit pics in Chicago before I left for the airport.  I'm completely in love with this outfit and pictures.  Thanks, Emily!  This is before my countless hours waiting in airports, 2 plane rides and 1.5 hour drive home.  By then, all my hair was stuffed up into the hat and I was exuding some serious hot-messedness.  Oh, traveling.

I packed so, so light for my trip.  I will show you a pitcure of my suitcase, so you can see for yourself.  Since I knew I would have to take my giant down coat, I only packed half of my suitcase and rolled my coat up in the other half.  I also figured I might do a little shopping while I was in town, so I figured the extra room would come in handy.  Let's just say I had to carry my coat home.

12-20-10 3
12-20-10 4

This hat was one acquisition that wasn't going to fit in my suitcase.  Luckily, it looked awesome with the outfit I had planned to wear for my trip home.  I had my heart set on finding it in Urban Outfitters* while I was in town.  When we went to the store, I couldn't find it.  Then, I moaned the whole time about how overwhelming and overpriced the store is (seriously, am I 100 years old or what).  Then, it happened.  There it was.  The last hat, perched on top of a pile of clearance items.  And marked down to $10, a far cry from the original $54 price tag.  I was so happy - Clare got a pretty good taste of the squealy face I make when I find something I'm looking for that is also on sale.  Talk about euphoria.

Are you guys ready for Christmas, yet?  Much to my dismay, I am once again running around like a crazy person on one of the busiest days of the year.  Blerg.  I'm learning the hard way that starting your Christmas shopping early is only effective when you finish it early as well.  Either way, the holiday will come and it will be fantastic, ready or not.

12-20-10 5
12-20-10 6
Jacket: Vintage, $40 - T-neck: Kohls, $3 - Boots: Macy's, $65 - Hat: UO, $10 - Cut-offs: thrifted DIY, $2

*I heard a rumor yesterday that they are building one on College Ave.  Eep!

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