Friday, December 17, 2010

video tutorial: those pretty waves

UPDATE:  The video cuts off before the end, so I will be reloading it once I get to a better internet connection.  Soon, lovelies ... very soon...

I'm halfway between home and ... well, you'll just have to come back tomorrow to find out wear I'm headed.  But until then, here's the long awaited tutorial on how I curl my hair.

Most of the magic with this look is all in the curling process.  I use very little to no hair products (only dry shampoo around day 4) and let my hair dry naturally after washing.  The curl just gets better over time as it falls into giant loose waves, so let it do its thing.  You'll notice I'm a big fan of finger-twirling the curls into place - it just helps to separate the curls and set the wave where you want it.

To get the middle part, I parted it while wet and bobby-pinned it down on each side until it dried.  Then, I hit it quickly with a hair dryer just to set it in place.  It's worked wonders for fighting that dang cowlick.

Drop me a line if you have any questions!
See you tomorrow!
P.S.  That's a 1" barrel curling iron.  My mime skills are not so great.

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