Tuesday, January 4, 2011

peach chiffon

12-30-10 1
12-30-10 2

More maxi skirts!  Yay!

I picked this one up at an awesome thrift store in Chicago.  Do Clare and Emily know how to treat a lady or what?  Not only was the store HUGE, but it was half off of everything!  Truly, I'm not even sure what I paid for this, but I know it was less than $5.

12-30-10 3
12-30-10 4
12-30-10 5

I love this combination.  Grey and peach were just made for each other, and I'm trying darn hard to make the same argument for fur and chiffon.  John's not buying it, though.

Sweet and short today.  I'm spent!

12-30-10 6
12-30-10 7
Vest: DKNY via Filene's, $50 - Shirt: SJP, $10 - Skirt: thrifted, less than $5 - Boots: Wanted, $30

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