Thursday, January 27, 2011

snowflakes and fur collars

1-26-11 1
1-26-11 2

We had a quick snowstorm yesterday afternoon.  Luckily, it stopped at just a couple of inches.  It's so beautiful when it's coming down, but so icky when it stops.  It sure does make for a pretty backdrop, though.

1-26-11 3 small1-26-11 4

I'm wearing something very similar to this today.  I tend to do that a lot - dress in a similar style for an entire week.  I think it just has to do with what's on top of the laundry basket and fresh in my mind.

And, becuase Iggy always gets lots of blog love, I couldn't resist this little snow crawl:

1-26-11 61-26-11 5
Sears Black Knit Dress, $10 - Gap Brown Leather Belt, $5 - HUE Tights, sale
The Loft Fur Collar Blazer, $60 - Akira Boots c/o Wanted Shoes

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