Monday, February 14, 2011

11/30: table for two

2-12-11 1

What girl doesn't like a good excuse to dress up?  A nice dinner this past weekend was just that.  Of course, it was also a good excuse to spend time with my other half, but let's be real, you don't really care about that.  You want to see the pretty dress.  I realize that this is super simple and not really fancy at all, but I really liked it.  Besides, when you look like a giant Hawaiian bouquet, accessories aren't really necessary.

2-12-11 2
2-12-11 3

This was one of those wild card pieces I threw in the 30 for 30.  I have a couple other ideas of ways to wear it, but it's soooo frustrating to wear.  The static situation makes it pretty much unwearable with tights.  Luckily, dinner only requires sitting and since it was so cold outside, I had to wear a coat over it.  Otherwise ... well, awkward ...

I even tried all sorts of static remedies : safety pins in the seam allowance, hairspray, a bit of water, wore a slip.  It's absolutely incurable!  Grrr...  I think maybe I will cut it off into a drapey cropped blouse for spring.  Thoughts?

2-12-11 4
Tucker for Target dress, $27 - Hue tights, $6ish - Jeffrey Campbell shoes via Gilt, free with credit

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