Thursday, February 24, 2011

19/30: folded lapels

2-23-11 1
2-23-11 2

Oh My Frock recently offered me a couple of items from their winter collection.  This coat immediately caught my eye.  I just love the loose sleeves, draped lapels and pleated back.  And the creamy color is the perfect mid-winter pick-me-up.  I knew it would look perfect with a pair of long and lean trousers.  I kind of feel like a modern-day Mary Tyler Moore!

2-23-11 3
2-23-11 4

These pants were the 4th item in the 30 for 30 alteration pile.  I'm telling you - this is the best way to get through that alteration pile!  I scored these pants at Goodwill back when it was way too warm for lined wool pants.  I'm certain it was a 50% off day, which is why I jumped on them.  I think I paid $3 for them ... and they'r JCrew!  Man, I love thrifting!

2-23-11 5
2-23-11 6
Coat and hand-warmers: c/o Oh My Frock (check out their spring collection here) - Kohl's turtleneck: $2 - Thrifted JCrew wool trousers, $3 - Jeffrey Campbell t-strap clogs:, free with credit (sign up, invite friends, and earn your own credit!)

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