Thursday, February 3, 2011

3/30: frozen tundra

2-2-11 1

It looks like I'm standing on a frozen pond, but really, it's just an icy parking lot.  Along with the rest of the area, we're in complete frozen mode here.  It's going to be a nightmare when it all decides to thaw.  It makes for some creepy (cool) looking scenery though!

2-2-11 2
2-2-11 3
2-2-11 4

I really liked this outfit.  One thing I love about the 30 for 30 is that is forces me to put together combinations that I may have overlooked otherwise.  This skirt was another piece from the last minute thrift haul.  It's a really thick knit, which is awesome for winter.  And since I'm kind of onto the linking technique, I'm wearing it again today.  So far, it's made it really easy to build outfits for the next day, so I'm just going to roll with it.  Adios!

2-2-11 5
Akira Boots c/o Wanted Shoes - Thrifted black knit skirt, $2 - Kohl's black turtleneck, $2
DKNY Fur Vest via Filene's Basement in Chicago, $50 (This link is to where it's on sale for $40!)

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