Wednesday, February 9, 2011

7/30: basic chemistry

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I know that most people would not consider these pants basics.  I totally understand.  But for me, they have been a piller of my working wardrobe.  I'm lucky enough to work in a field that calls for business casual; however, jeans are not allowed.  99% of the time, that doesn't bother, but for the days that I really don't want to wear a skirt, I need something to fill the void.

Regular trousers have never felt very "me."  Especially since I have up heels.  I think because they don't do anything spectacular for my body, I just feel like they are anti-me.  Instead, I much prefer a pair of pants with some flare.  How much more flare can you get from a pair of high-rise, wide-leg pants with starbursts on them?

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2-8-11 3

I know they sound crazy in theory, but I love them.  It's easy to work them into my wardrobe, and since they are such a statement piece on their own, I need only to add a couple of basics - v-neck tee and a classic camel blazer.  And of course some fun jewelry.

I make a lot of first impressions at my job, and in the nature of my work, it's really important that people see my personality right away.  I think something like this really speaks to my creativity and fun style (because my job is supposed to be fun and others need to feel that), yet still lends to a slightly more professional status.

What is business casual to you?  Is it devoid of personal style?  How do you reconcile the two?

2-8-11 4
Thrifted wool camel blazer, $4 - American Apparel Deep V Tee, $22 

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