Friday, February 11, 2011

9/30: blown out

2-10-11 1

It was a late one yesterday.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were so busy and just flew by!  Last night was a later work night, and John had the brilliant idea to grab some Mexican yummies afterward.  Good stuff.

2-10-11 2
2-10-11 3
2-10-11 4

Of course, that also meant indoor photos with the flash.  Yawn.  Spring, please.
Anyone?  Spring?  Please?

I missed Sweaty Wednesday this week, and I apologize.  I promise it will return next week.  Scout's honor.  And I actually was a scout.  Until then, check back later for the giveaway winner and a chance to win a ... well, you'll have to check back for that, too!

Happy, happy Friday!!!

2-10-11 5
Thrifted boys' white button down, $2 - Thrifted, altered vintage tweed shorts, $3 - Trance Boots c/o Wanted Shoes

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