Tuesday, March 1, 2011

24and25/30: errands and office

2-28-11 1

Mondays are interesting days for me.  While I don't actually go to work until 5pm, the day's to-do list generally out-numbers the day's hours.  It seems to be the only day of the week that I can sit down in peace and quiet.  Some days, I work like a rock star, and other days, I just get rocked.

2-28-11 2
2-28-11 3

While I can't wear jeans to my evening meeting, I can certainly wear them to get me through the day.  Paired with a sweater and fur vest, they're anything but boring.  Best yet, it was an easy combination to trade up to "office" worthy...

2-28-11 4

Okay, so the only piece that remained was the sweater, but the swap up was pretty easy: new skirt, shoes and jacket and voila!  Tied it up with a belt, and I was good to go!

2-28-11 5

I've totally fallen victim to the camel and grey craze this season.  It seems like the most melancholy combination in theory, but in reality, nothing makes me feel more like myself - which I think we can all agree is far from melancholy.  I just love the sleek simplicity.

2-28-11 6
2-28-11 7
2-28-11 8

This photo makes me look like some camel blazer-wielding superhero.
Hmm... what could me my name?  Suggestions?

2-28-11 9
Look 1:: DKNY fur vest: Filene's Basement, $50 - Target cream turtleneck sweater, $17
custom jeans c/o indiDenim.com - Trance boots c/o Wanted Shoes

Look 2:: Thrifted vintage wool camel blazer, $4 - Target cream turtleneck sweater, $17
Thrifted/altered skirt, $2 - White Mtn. Suede boots, $65

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