Wednesday, March 30, 2011

my march nemesis

3-28-11 1

I made the best hash tag/pun on twitter yesterday.  I was so proud of my #marchnemesis ... until I had to explain it to John.  Oh, sophisticated humor.

3-28-11 2
3-28-11 3

I know there's been a lot of whining about the weather lately.  And that's because it sucks.  I am now refusing to wear my winter coat, so most of my outfits include a blazer of some sort.  Like today, for example.  The inspiration is running pretty thin these days, but I'm trying to eek out as much as I over the last (hopefully) days of winter.  I. Will. Conquer.

3-28-11 4
Thrifted vintage camel blazer (similar), $4 - Loft shirt (similar), $40 - Thrifted JCrew pants, $3
Jeffrey Campbell clog t-straps, free via Gilt credit - On the Fringe bag: Strut (a TXSCC sponsor!), $40

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