Monday, March 7, 2011

ramblings of few words

Yesterday, I went for an afternoon run in the mildly cool rain and did this:

ram 1

One of my fastest times, yet!  I have 13 seconds to shave off of my mile yet to reach my goal of a 9-minute mile this year.

After I showered, I went to run errands and the rain had turned into blustery flurries.
Or so I thought:

ram 2
ram 3
ram 4
ram 5
ram 6
ram 7

Those "flurries" continued into the night, and we got hammered with no less than 6" of snow.  Even poor Iggy has the WTF face.

With a lot of work and upcoming travel (eep!), it's going to be one of these week's:

ram 8

Stay warm, stay dry, or keep cool - either way, have a great week!

P.S.  Blue Collar Collective will go up tonight. A day late, a dollar short.

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