Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sweaty wednesday: jill's couch to 5k

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Happy Wednesday, kids!  So, how are all of those activity goals going?  It's March now, and I'm sure for some of us, they are becoming merely figments of the past.  As for me, between traveling and sickness, I haven't worked out in a week.  And I'm feeling it!  Enough is enough - this cold is finally subsiding, and tomorrow, I'll be back in the gym.

Well, we've got some extra daylight now, and the warm weather is just around the corner.  Are you still working on those goals or are you looking forward to a fresh start with the new season?

If you live in Florida like Jill, then you're probably still going strong.  I love that she's even gotten her man literally running after her!  Check it out:

"Just over a year ago I started couch to 5k and after that there was no turning back.  For me running and exercise has always been important but until I started running outside I never loved the actual activity, tt was always a fight to the gym.  I have to say I am super lucky to be living in South Florida, while the summers are tough and I might have to move indoors this year, the winters are beautiful and it gives me the opportunity to be outside.  I should use the word running lightly because I am more of a slow jogger, I clock most miles in around 13-15 minutes, and while I know for me that is not the important part I am working on getting faster.  I started the New Year wanting to run a half marathon but because of a detour to an amazing month of yoga (i adore yoga but not the price of studios) and then my fiance wanting to start running I have kinda derailed from those plans and I am fine with that.  My fiance and I are at the end of our second week doing a modified Couch to 5k plan and I am loving spending time with him and being his "couch".  While he is sometimes a pain, pretending to puke or as he claims that was not pretending, I am hoping he starts liking running as much as I do and he more or less said he would run a 5k when he gets there. So for me running has shown me a fun and healthy was to loose weight, stay fit and enjoy all that the body can do."

Great job, Jill!  Thank you so much for sharing your story.  I love that you are enjoying your new activity so much and even better that it's become a way to spend time with your fiance.  Maybe you'll both be running that half-marathon!

If you're interested in being featured in a future Sweaty Wednesday post, I would love to share your exercise goals, adventures and conquests!  Just drop me an email and be sure to put Sweaty Wednesday in the subject line.

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