Wednesday, April 13, 2011

rained out

4-12-11 1

Yesterday was filled with too much rain and fun for outdoor photos.  By the time I got home last night, I was out of daylight and dodging raindrops.  Normally, I would have scrapped the outfit pics, but I really liked this outfit, so you'll have to deal.

4-12-11 2
4-12-11 3

Like most things I wear, it was nothing complicated - a shirt, a skirt, socks and shoes.  Easy, peasy.  I loved the leaopard with the burgundy and I always get unnecessarily happy when my socks match my outfit.  It was probably a tad too chilly for bare legs, but I think my diligence to avoid tights at all costs has clouded my judgement and numbed my senses.  I'm a woman on a mission.

4-12-11 4
Leopard button-down: Macy's, $7 (something similar) - Thrifted knit skirt, $2
Hue socks - OTBT wedges, $50 (get them here)

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