Monday, May 2, 2011

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4-30-11 1

I kind of fell off the grid a bit this weekend.  Oops.  I've spent all day installing and uninstalling software on my computer, then calling tech support, and then, more installing and uninstalling, etc.  I'm exhausted!

This is what I wore for the majority of the weekend.  There's something so casually glam about throwing a fun fur over jeans and a tee.  Not too much, the cozy feel of being wrapped in something so soft and warm on a seasonably cool spring day.

4-30-11 2
4-30-11 3

This little photoshoot turned into the atom bomb of photo bombs!  We were just snapping away on this empty little path when all these little boys came flying around the corner.  They were having so much fun with not a care in the world, including the fact that they were running all over my outfit pics!

Did you all do anything exciting this weekend?  I hosted a clothing swap, went out for brunch, went to a birthday party, worked on some blog projects and wrapped it all up at a local derby bout last night.  Now, that's a great weekend!

4-30-11 4
Faux fur leopard coat:, giftcard (get the look with this)
American Apparel deep V-neck tee, c/o Buffalo Exchange (get it here) Gap high-waisted flare jeans, $50 (get them here)
OTBT Buckeye wedges, $50 (get them here) - Purse, swapped! (get the look with this)

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