Wednesday, May 18, 2011

mamma mia

When I hear people say that you age like your mother, I can only hope they are speaking the truth!  There's no denying where I got my love for clothes and knack for bargain-hunting.  And hair and make-up skills.  And my fearless penchant for trying new things.  So, if I can be that in 30 years, bring it on!

We didn't get to connect on Mother's Day, but we managed to meet half-way the following Monday.  I knew she was looking for a straw fedora, so I passed mine onto her.  How could I not when it looked so good on her?  I was in LOVE with her white denim and neutral mix and had to grab a snap.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten my camera, so we had to settle for a phone picture.  And just like a lady, she only sent me the one shot that she liked best :)

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