Monday, May 16, 2011

quick shot

Grey oxford, $10 - Vintage skirt, $15 (get the look with this) - Rue 21 platforms, $26 (get the look with these)

I managed to grab one quick shot of my outfit on Friday.  Thank goodness I didn't blink.

A few weeks ago, I spotted this skirt on a rack of new goodies at The Rag and Bone.  It hadn't even been put out on the floor, yet.  I passed on it the first time, but found myself daydreaming about it for the next week.  When I went back, it still wasn't out on the floor, and I snagged it before anyone else got the chance.  It pays to know people.  I just love the neutral rosy beige color and slightly funky print, and the waist was a perfect fit.  So perfect, in fact, that I will never be wearing this to Thanksgiving dinners, buffets or other gut-busting events.

Do you have any items that you just had to have after sleeping on it for a few nights?  I swear, that's how most items end up in my closet!

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