Monday, May 23, 2011

ramblings of a roller girl

one::  I've been a little quiet the last couple of weeks, I know.  It's a combination of lots of rain preventing outfit photos, lots of work and some extra practice time for my latest athletic endeavor, which is ...

two::  I'M OFFICIALLY A ROLLER DERBY GIRL!!!  I'm so, soooo excited!  I haven't mentioned anything around these parts for fear of jinxing myself, but I've been working towards try-outs over the last couple of weeks.  They were last night, and I'm thrilled to say I MADE IT!

three::  If you haven't been roller skating for a while, let me just tell you - it's a workout.  You know how I love to change things up and hate the idea of exercising without a goal, so I took a chance on something new.  And I fell in love!  Not only with the sport of skating, but girls of derby, and let's face it, the cute clothes.  One downfall of being a 30-something in a small university town is that it's really hard to meet people in your own demographic.  I have already met so many awesome ladies through the try-out process and am so happy to call them friends!

four::  I'm also loving the fact that I'm rocking some short, tight shorts without felling self-conscious.  Me!  Short shorts!  It's so liberating!  I feel strong when I'm skating and don't worry so much what my body looks like.  The culture of derby is so inviting and non-judgementmental, and the smooth skating motion (in that killer derby "squat" position) dramatically cuts back on that there's-something-in-my-uterus feeling I usually get when wearing shorts.  I realize this whole point sounds so trite and superficial, but if you've ever read my feelings/body issues about my legs, then it may resonate a bit more.

five::  Last, but not least ... Sweat Wednesdays will be looking a lot more stylish these days!  hahahaha!

Are there any other derby girls out there?  Tips?  Helpful hints?

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