Wednesday, May 25, 2011


5-24-11 1

When Stehpanie from LuLu's wore this to the TxSCC, I couldn't help drooling over her look all day.  It's the whole reason I got this skirt!  My shoes aren't as high and my jewelry is not quite as effortlessly layered and cool, but I'm pretty happy with my little rip-off!

5-24-11 2

John told me my hair was a hot mess.  He's kind of right, I suppose.  This is what happens with day old helmet head on a hot morning.  I may have given up just a little.

5-24-11 3
The Loft shirt (cropped by me), $15 - black tango skirt, c/o - Etsy neclace, $20 - Wanted shoes, c/o (get 'em)

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