Monday, May 23, 2011

sunny sunday

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Sunday was such a nice day.  Well, mostly.  The rain just doesn't want to go away, but we are managing to eek out a few moments of sunshine here and there.  And it's warm.  So, there's that.

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5-22-11 4

I feel like my days are completely turned around.  Derby practice started today, and it's a later nigh time practice.  Needless to say, 2 hours of derby means I no longer need to be doing 6am spinning.  It's so weird not getting up early and then getting home from exercise to late.  So confused...

This is what I wore on a quick trip to the supermarket, Dick's and Target on Sunday.  It felt so, SO good to toss on a maxi dress, hat and sandals.  Come hither, summer.  I'm ready for you!

5-22-11 5
5-22-11 6
Target hat, $3 (get it here) - Dress via Ross, $9 (get the look) - Target sports bra, $16 (get it here)
Target sandals, $17 (get the look) - Swapped bag

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