Wednesday, June 15, 2011

almost a lady

6-14-11 1
6-14-11 2

Gah!  I cannot get enough of this skirt!  I just want to wear it every day, which is funny, because silhouettes this lady like usually aren't my style.  I think it's the print and color that makes it work for me.  And if you had told me that 5'3" short stack could pull of a full midi in flats, I would laugh you out of town.  But lo and behold ... I think I just might be making it work!

6-14-11 3
6-14-11 4
6-14-11 5

The secret?  Finding the very smallest part of my waist.  This waistband almost fits too perfectly.  There is absolutely no wiggle room, which makes a big lunch out of the question!

6-14-11 6
6-14-11 7
Vintage skirt, $15 (similar style) - Zoetrope blouse, c/o LuLu's (get it here) - JCP flats, $8 (get the look)

Wanna know how this shirt fits?  Check out the LuLu's Fit Series!

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