Tuesday, June 28, 2011

just last friday

6-24-11 1
6-24-11 2

Hey, remember me?  The last few days have felt like 2 weeks.  Too much fun, I guess!

I just took these photos on Friday and completely forgot about them until I uploaded other pictures from the weekend.  I loved this outfit, too, so I'm glad they didn't go unpublished.  (Does anyone remember when I never wore shorts?!)  It was a casual Friday with a morning training and an afternoon off, followed by 2 full days of roller derby!

6-24-11 3
6-24-11 4

I trekked to Philly with a few ladies on the roller derby team for the East Coast Derby Extravaganza - 3 days of derby, derby and more derby.  It was a  blast!  I was completely blown away by the caliber to some of the teams.  And let me tell you - there are some seriously fierce ladies out there.

So, now I'm back in the real world, getting dressed, taking pictures and telling you all about it.
Anyone else do anything fun this weekend?

6-24-11 5
6-24-11 6
Strawberry Blouse, $14 (get the look here) - Strawberry Shorts, $15 (get the look here)
Thrifted belt, $1 - Target Sandals, $17 (get the look here)

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