Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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This may be this year's new summer uniform.  These shorts are just so light and airy, I just can't get enough!  Paired up with this cropped cotton top, and it was the perfect outfit for a warm afternoon working from home.

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6-6-11 4

I picked up this shirt a couple of years ago for $10 off of a clearance rack.  It was originally a shirtdress, but I have since decided on more than one occasion that I'm just not that into shirtdresses.  I just can't shake that I'm-not-wearing-any-pants feeling.  So, for the past year or so, it's existed in either my to-donate pile or my to-alter pile, depending on the day.  I don't know why I put off this easy fix for so long, because it took all of 5 minutes and I love it!  Big thanks to Tamia for giving me that extra ounce of inspiration to just chop it!

6-6-11 5
6-6-11 6
Cropped tunic, $10 and DIY (get the look)  - Thrifted belt, $1 (get the look)
Strawberry shorts, $15 (get the look) - Target sandals, $17 (get the look)

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