Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a derby girl named...

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I realize it's barely still Wednesday ... well, depending which coast you're on ... but I wanted to post this really quickly.  Two weeks ago, I finally earned my derby name.  I have passed the first of three levels of assessments before I can be eligible to be drafted to our traveling team.  It also means that I can get the snot beat out of me participate in full contact drills and scrimmage with the rest of the league.  There's been a lot of ibuprofen up in this piece!

Anyway, that was a long way to go to tell you that my derby name is ...
Kyssing Kaos

It's the name of one of my favorite graphic novels and I just love the way it sounds.  And for the amount of time I've spent on the rink floor (or, say, eating pavement and drawing blood) the "kaos" part seems pretty fitting.  John suggested the punk spelling - because, you know ... I'm totally punk like that ...

In true blogger fashion, I had to have an outfit to go with my new name, hence the kissy shorts,  And it's official - there are no booty shorts capable of containing my booty.  Just sayin'.

Target tank and sports bra - Derby Skinz booty shorts - HUE leggings

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