Thursday, July 28, 2011

mix and match and mix again

7-27-11 1

I had one of those morning yesterday.  You know, one of those mornings.  I went through way too many outfits and ultimately, left the house in a crabby funk.  Once the morning fog (and my stubborn crabbiness) lifted, I decided that I was more than okay with the final selection.

7-27-11 2
7-27-11 3
7-27-11 4

While these are both pieces that I have been worn time and time again, this is their first introduction to each other.   I think it's safe to say that it was love at first sight!

7-27-11 5
Zoetrope shirt, c/o LuLu's (get it look) - Kohl's maxi dress, $30 (get the look)
Target sandals, $17 (get the look - these are awesome!)

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