Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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7-12-11 1 a

So, I think I've decided that I don't really like dressing for work in the summertime.  Spending half of your life in the education system really does a number on one's summer mindset.  No matter how far removed I become from my former school days, I just can't shake that vacation feeling that comes with lots of sunshine and the rising mercury.  I, for one, like to have fun in the summer.  Anyone with me?

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7-12-11 3a
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In an attempt to make my outsides match my insides, I'm taking full advantage of every minute that I'm not at work.  This month is looking a little light on the workload, so most afternoons are ALL MINE!  To celebrate, I'm going all out with my summer fun clothes.  Like, you know ...  cut-offs?

Do you have to work in the summer?  How do you feel about dressing for work in the warmer weather?  What makes up your summer fun clothes?

7-12-11 5a
Charlotte Russe vest, $15 (get the look) - Target tank, $2 (get the look) - Thrifted/DIY cut-offs, $2 (get the look)
Rue 21 wedges (LOVE these!), $26 - Old Navy clutch, $6 (get the look)

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