Thursday, July 7, 2011

pajama pants chic

7-6-11 1

Since I was an honorary employee at the Swap yesterday, I let one of the guys name my outfit.  This is what he came up with.  Apparently young children and grown men think alike.

7-6-11 2
7-6-11 3
7-6-11 4

Either way, I don't care much.  Few things feel better than light, flowy layers on a hot day.

 So, on a completely different topic... I really REALLY want a Yonanas.  Like, REEEEEAAAAAALLLLLY want one.  Anyone out there actually own one?
(I realize that you can do this with a food processor ... but that is not called Yonanas.)

7-6-11 5
The Limited top via Clothes Mentor, $8 (get the look) - Floral pants c/o LuLu's (get 'em here)
Rue21 zebra print wedges, $26 (there are freakin' awesome!) - Old Navy clutch, $6 (love this one!)

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