Wednesday, July 6, 2011

pink pants match my elbow

7-5-11 1
7-5-11 2

Yay for new favorite pants!  I've been lusting over these pants from asos for months now, so as soon as they marked them down in their summer sale, I jumped on them.  Now, I only wish I had gotten a pair of olive green ones, too!  They're a teensy bit big, so I worked a little elastic magic and chopped about 6" off the bottoms, and they're perfect.  And I LOVE them. So. Much.

7-5-11 3
7-5-11 4

You can just feel the love, no?

They also match my lovely elbow.  My weekend was so much fun, but got off to a bit of a rocky start.  I went roller skating outside (AWESOME workout, btw) on Saturday afternoon and totally bit it.  Badly.  In front of a biker.  I picked myself up as fast as I could, skated back to my car, drove home and then laid on the bathroom floor (trying not to pass out) while John cleaned me up.  No fun, kids.  No fun.  I'm no stranger to road rash (I've flown over many o' handlebars in my day), but it still hurts.  Every time.  I do appreciate the fact that it appears to be in the shape of a heart, though.  Very cute.

7-5-11 5
7-5-11 6
Asos pants, $40 (get them here) - Target tank, $6 - Kenneth Cole Reaction t-straps, $46 (get the look)
Old Navy clutch, $6 (get the look)

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