Monday, July 11, 2011

ramblings of a monday afternoon

Compared to last weekend, this weekend felt like 5 minutes.  Boo to it being Monday already!
I did, however, find the time to ...

one:: Ride my bike all over town, including a solo trip to our newly renovated town pool with its GIANT waterslides.  Holy fun!  I almost felt like a huge loser for being 30 years old and going down the waterslides by myself.  Then, I went down the first time and had too much fun too care!

two:: Found no salt added cottage cheese.  Strange, right?  I've been on a HUGE cottage cheese kick lately, but the amount of sodium in it is ridonkulous!  Apparently, though, it's also necessary.  No salt added cottage cheese?  Hmm, not so good.  BUT, I'm trying to make the best of both worlds by making my own litle half and half concoction.  Yes, folks ... these are the things I talk about.

three:: Managed to escape the weekend unscathed.  That's right - no repeat performances of my skin-scraping skating adventure last weekend.  I did manage to go for my first run in nearly 2 months.  It felt pretty good ... even if it was a billion percent humidity.  Ugh!

four:: Watched the SECOND TO LAST episode of Friday Night Lights.  I could seriously cry.  What am I going to do with no more Tim Riggins in my life?  Am I going to have to watch X-men, now? (I just had to ask John if X-men was hyphonated.  Nerd fail.)

five:: Got a freakin' iPhone! That's right.  After nearly 6 months of swearing up and down that I would never pay for a smartphone, I caved.  Bright colors and shiny objects.  Couldn't resist.  It was embarrassing.  But I LOVE it.  And have spent an unacceptable amount of time scouring the internets for the perfect case.  So sad.  But so fun.  I just Face Timed with my sister-in-law and neice and nephew - so awesome!  For those of you who have an iPhone, what is your favorite App?

What did you do this weekend?  Only 4 more days until the next!

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