Friday, July 8, 2011

wide leg week

7-7-11 1

Apparently, this week has been brought to you by the breezy wonder that is the wide leg.  I've found that they are the perfect piece for making a business casual look a little more fun and unique.

7-7-11 2
7-7-11 3
7-7-11 4

These are still a little big and are in need of some further tailoring, but I'll make due.  Until then, they're sitting a little low, so required a couple extra inches from my trusty wedges.

When I asked John if he liked my outfit, he responded with, "Yeah.  You match more than you usually do."  Hmm...  Luckily, I know that he's seen his fair share of What Not to Wear and knows that clothes don't have to match, they have to go.  I'm sure that's what he meant...

7-7-11 5
Vintage top, $15 - Asos pants, $40 (get 'em) - OTBT wedges, $50 (get 'em)

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