Thursday, July 14, 2011

work to play

7-13-11 1
7-13-11 2
7-13-11 3
Sears vest, $25 (get the look) - Thrifted blouse, $2 (get the look) - Self-made earrings - ASOS pants, $40 (get the look)
Target sandals, $17 (get the look) - Old Navy clutch, $6 (get the look)

It's a twofer!

'Tis the season for my clothes to work double time.  Yesterday was a perfect example: work in the morning, play in the afternoon.  To keep from a full-on costume change, I made sure my outfit could easily transition from a morning meeting to an afternoon walking around town.

These pants are the lightest weight - and the loose fit makes them perfect for a warm summer day.  I may have just ordered them in the most beautiful jade color.  Oops.

Once the workday was over, I just ditched the vest and earrings, knotted the top and added a fun fedora for an afternoon on the town with my visiting sister-in-law, niece and nephew.  Double the love!

7-13-11 4
7-13-11 5
7-13-11 6
Target fedora, $3 (get the look)

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  1. Lady, you have OUTDONE yourself. This is just fantastic! Magazine-worthy. Love the vest combo for work, but the tied up shirt is just so perfect! Love love love!


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