Wednesday, August 24, 2011

all in a day

8-23-11 1

So, this is what I look like after a twelve hour day, working 3 different locations, a 5-mile run, mid-day shower, dinner in the car and a minor earthquake(!).  Yeah, it was a long day.

8-23-11 2

I've been wearing the snot out of this jumpsuit.  In fact, I love it so much that I may have bought it twice ... one to hem for heels and one to hem for flats.  Unfortunately, after buying the second one, I decided that I just can't bring myself to shop at Charlotte Russe anymore.  When I asked for a discount for a damaged item, I was told that they no longer do that.  Instead, they damage out the item and throw it away.  Then, I was asked if I wanted my hangers ... because they throw those away, too.  I really do not understand why companies are so wasteful.  And even more, why it's allowed.  I realize that I'm barely a blip on their radar and that there's no way I can boycott every single company with questionable practices, but I find that the older I get, the harder and harder it is to ignore these things.  It's hard, though.  Every so often, I muster up enough willpower to cross another store off of my list of places I'll shop.  So far, most of them are places that I don't have regular access to, but that makes out-of-town shopping trips and bit more challenging and slightly less exciting.  Alas, I'll survive.  Here's hoping that one day, I can exclusively shop socially conscious companies.  Until then, baby steps.

Are there any stores that you refuse to patronize?  Why?
(I'm almost scared to ask that, but I'm dying to know!)

8-23-11 3
Top (cropped by me) LOFT, $15 (get the look) - Charlotte Russe jumpsuit, $15 (get the look)
Ross bag, $12 (wish it were this one) - Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals, $46 (get the look)

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