Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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8-5-11 1

It's so rare that I have all new (to me) clothes on from top to bottom.  I even bought a pretty teal bra all special just to wear under this shirt!  The shirt has been hanging around in that to-be-altered pile for months!   I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it and at the end of the day, I decided all it needed was new buttons ... which you can't even see.  So, time well spent.  I'm just happy I finally pulled it out.  When I came across it at Goodwill, I was on the hunt for a bow front blouse.  This vintage number (complete with some little old lady's name ironed into the back) reminded me of something from A.P.C., and I jumped on it.  I see lots of potential in its future!

8-5-11 2
8-5-11 4
8-5-11 3

I really loved this whole look.  Granted, the shorts are borderline unflattering (depending on the angle), but I have that feeling towards all shorts in general.  Either way, the vintage feel and boyish charm felt like the perfect combination.  Deliciously finished with my newly thrifted mini train case.  I thought it was quite a steal for a mere $1.25 - until I peeled off the Sal Val sticker to reveal a $.25 sticker from the previous owner's yard sale.  Inflation knows no bounds.

8-5-11 5
Thrifted blouse, $2 (get the look in a fun print!) - Gap shorts, $8 (get them ) - Big Buddha sandals, $45 (get them)
Thrifted train case, $1.25 - Thrifted belt, $1

Aaaaaaand ... for those of you who are still here, scroll down for a special treat - quite possibly the best outtake to date!  There's nothing more awkward than the trying-to-prevent-leash-burn dance:

8-5-11 6

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