Monday, August 1, 2011

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7-26-11 3

Anyone else feeling rather exhausted after another fun summer weekend?

one:: In case you missed it, last week, I was the Project Gadabout over on Poppy's blog.  It was such a fun project and she did an amazing job on all of the featured posts!  Be sure to check it out - I even did a guest post with more photos of the outfit above (more pink pants!).  A huge thanks to Poppy for asking me to participate!

two:: This is a little overdue, but I want to send out a huge HUGE thank you to all of you who commented on Tabi's post last Monday.  It meant so much to her and I both.  Can you believe she's only 8 years old?!  I can't wait to see how her personal style continues to blossom!  Anyway, thank you thank you thank you.  You're the best readers a girl could ever ask for!

three::  Like I said last week, I finally earned my derby name ... and the approval for full-contact practice with the "big girl" skaters (meaning they've been doing this for a while).  I participated in my very first full-contact practice scrimmage last night.  It. Was. Brutal.  But also tons of fun.  I think I had a couple of great moments of my own, but it was such an eye-opener to realize how quickly exhausting it gets.  By the end, I could feel my quads trembling when we lined up and every time I got knocked down (which was a lot towards the end), it was so much harder to get back up.  At one point, I literally felt like a ping-pong ball getting hit back and forth between 2 blockers!  But it's making me pretty pumped to work harder on building my endurance and stronger foot work.  Whew!

four::  I got a serious shopping bug this weekend!  It's actually been quite a while since I've really shopped.  I haven't even gone thrifting for quite some time!  This was the weekend to go, though, because the sales were ridiculous!  I went to the mall in the mood for a new pair of shoes and came back with the following:
1 totally groovy black pantsuit that makes me deliriously happy
1 cutesy short-sleeve sweater I can't wait to pair with my giant pink pants
1 completely bad-ass statement ring
1 colorful and bold statement necklace
1 long turquoise and leather necklace
1 safari-esque shirt to be worn as a skirt with a little of my own DIY touch
1 adorable tie-back denim sundress
1 romantic soft pink ruffley wrap dress
1 pair of high-wasted chambray shorts
0 pairs of shoes

Money spent?  A whopping $86!  Total!  I love those shopping trips!

five::  Every time I have a successful shopping trip like this, I just want to come home and clear out my closet to make room for my new duds.  Sooo, you can find a lot of my items over in my Smashion store.  I'll be adding even more items today, so be sure to keep checking back!
And P.S.  IT'S SHARK WEEK!!!!!
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