Thursday, August 11, 2011

skip a beat

8-9-11 a
8-9-11 b

Holy crap.  I'm in love with this.  The outfit, the photos, the dog ... oh, the dog ... I just love it all!  Every time I look at this skirt, my heart skips a beat.  And those colorful baubles dripping from my neck have me all aflutter.  I had every intention of running some errands when I put this on, but ended up stuck to the couch doing work and only got to wear it to pick John up from work and snap a few pictures.  But I can't WAIT to slip into it again!

8-9-11 c
8-9-11 d
8-9-11 e

Poor Iggy isn't feeling well.  We had a case of pukey puppy last night, and he's just been sleeping it off since.  He seems a little better today, but I still worry about him.  He always looks so sad when he gets sick.  Luckily, John was home when it happened (3+ TIMES!).  I've developed such a weak stomach in my old age that when he got sick, my first words were, "Uggghhhh, I'm gonna be sick."  Yeah ... I'll surely be mother of the year someday ...

8-9-11 f
8-9-11 g
Men's Hanes undershirt, cropped - Macy's necklace, $8 (get the look) - Vintage (get the look)
Rue 21 zebra wedges, $26 (get the look - so funky!) - Old Navy clutch, $6 (get the look - love this!)

I LOOOOOVE when we get shots of Iggy with his tongue out!  It makes me sooooo happy!

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