Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Thank you all so much for the great music suggestions yesterday!  I can't wait to plug into some new tunes in the coming weeks.  There's no better way to revive my spirit when it comes to working out.

Now, if I could only revive my spirit after a whirlwind couple of week!  This week has flown by so fast, and I'm so looking forward to the weekend.  It's the only weekend this month that I have nothing planned.  Not a thing.  And it's glorious.

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8-11-11 3

Two weekends ago, I spent some time at a hunting cabin near my hometown, whooping it up on my mountain bike and 4-wheeler ... in the mud and pouring rain.  So much fun - I may even have a photo or two to share with you!  Then, this past weekend, I switched gears entirely for a quick jaunt into NYC to see my cousin perform in play, visit over a delicious meal and a little adventure through the Guggenheim.  And next weekend, it's fair time already ... followed by Labor Day.  And then, my friends, summer will be over.  How did this happen?!  Is anyone else shedding a tear or two?

In all the craziness over the last couple of weeks, I completely forgot about this outfit.  Forgot I wore and completely forgot that I had taken photos of it ... until I plugged in my camera last night.  This was a low-key Thursday outfit.  I've gotten so much wear out of this vest - I love how it adds instant style to everything.  Just like the vest, everything else in this outfit has been remixed time after time.  In fact, there's not one item here that is less than a year old.  How's that for some cost per wear fashion economics?

8-11-11 4
Charlotte Russe vest, $15 (get the look) - Target tank, $3
vintage pants, $18 (get the look) - KC Reaction sandals, $45 (get the look)

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