Monday, September 12, 2011


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It seemed fitting that for my 1,00th post(!) that I do something drastic.  Okay, the new 'do wasn't for my 1,000th post at all.  I was just ready for something new, and I have a fellow derby girl who does hair and gives us a super deal.  And she's awesome at what she does!  I couldn't be happier with the way the color turned out!

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And since a new hair color wasn't crazy enough, I wore overalls.  For the first time since 9th grade, circa 1994.  Except back then, I wore them ala Blossom - super over-sized with a giant cuff at the bottom, thermal bodysuit underneath and Chucks or work boots.  Oh, the '90's.

After months of searching for a pair (all the pairs at Goodwill came fully equipped with hideous appliques of Disney characters, etc.), I finally scored a pair at TJMaxx last week.  This time around, I took the size down and bit and paired them with some ladylike heels.  I'm just as smitten with them now as I was then!

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Target scarf, $13 (get the look) - Ralph Lauren cardi, $50 (get the look) - AE overalls, $17 (get the look)
Threadless t-shirt, c/o - Aerosoles sandals, $38 (get them) - Ross bag, $12

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  1. That hair color looks AWESOME on you!!! I am so inspired - the hair, the outfit, so perfect for fall!


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