Thursday, September 8, 2011

kiss my socks

9-7-11 1

This is the most random outfit.  I threw the socks on just because they are thin and easy to wear with boots.  When they peeked out over the boots, I inititially thought it wouldn't fly even though I really like the unexpected pop.  When I asked John, he liked it.  I figured if he got it, then it could be acceptable, and so out the door I went.

9-7-11 2
9-7-11 3

It wasn't until he went to take my pictures yesterday evening that John noticed that my lipstick matched my socks.  He was pretty giddy about ... though, I'm pretty sure he would never admit.  Whil I played it cool and non-chalant, I was secretly happy that he noticed.  I may or may not have made a special trip to Target to find a lipstick that would match my socks perfectly.

9-7-11 4
American Apparel shirt, $30 (get the look) - Thrifted Chico's skirt, $18 (get the look) - Ross boots, $16 (get the look)

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