Wednesday, September 7, 2011

product review: HANA air premiere hair dryer


Over the summer, the kind folks at Misikko sent me a HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer to try out.  Misikko's site will help you find the best professional flat iron and tourmaline hair dryer.  So, when they told me that the Hana Air Premiere is one of their top-selling blow dryers, I was pretty excited to test it out.  It's no secret that my hair has grown like a weed over the last year.  In order to keep the extra length from looking scraggly and fried, I find myself taking extra good care of it these days.  This means limited shampoos and as little heat styling as possible.  One of the reasons I avoid blow-drying my hair is because it inevitably looks frizzy and over-dried, regardless of how careful I am.  Since my hair has a lot of natural wave to it, I need to use a brush for straight tresses, which in turn causes more frizziness.  Needless to say, I was open to trying something new.
Before writing this review, I wanted to use my new dryer a few times to really get used to it.  And let me say - I LOVE it!  Ever since upgrading to a professional flat iron, it's been made abundantly clear how much better it is for your hair.  For starters, this dryer is so much lighter than my previous one and a little quieter.  But ... the real test came last Sunday when I had to get my head shot taken for roller derby (I'll be sure to post the photo when I can!).  It was also the same day these photos were taken.

It was in the midst of fair, so to say I was slightly unkempt is an understatement.  Getting ready required a full-on shower, shampoo and blow-out.  The HANA dryer blew my hair perfectly straight with no use of a brush.  The air-pressure feels so concentrated, so it dries quickly without blowing my hair all over the place.  It also has a cool setting, which was perfect for locking in some shine.  AND the best part?  My hair was completely dry in less than 5 minutes!  Since it was rainy out that day (read: frizz-inducing), I chose to run my flatiron over my hair to seal in the shine, but it wasn't really necessary.

Now, do I think it's worth the $185 price tag?  You know, I think it is.  While I'm horrible at making such investments, when I think about how much it costs to go to the salon and how much more often you have to go if your hair is fried, then it puts things in perspective.  ESPECIALLY if you dry your hair every day.  Once you experience a quality professional tool like this, it's pretty hard to go back!

Disclaimer:  This dryer was provided by in return for this review.
The content and review itself is solely my opinion.

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