Tuesday, September 6, 2011

shine on

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Sequins for day?  Hell, yes.  And when said day is uber dismal and rainy?  Double hell, yes.

I love this jacket soooo much!  It's White House Black Market, and while I know I've told this story before, I'm going to tell it again.  I drooled over this at the outlet this time last year.  It was marked down to a mere $20, but alas, they didn't have my size.  Then, just a few weeks later, I walked into Plato's Closet, and what do you think was hanging on the rack?  With the tags on.  For $20.  In my size.  I swear I heard angels sing.

All of that, and I think I've only worn it twice.  But I love it dearly and look forward to getting some more wear out of it over the next couple of months.

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9-6-11 3
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Can I tell you how comfy this outfit was today?  I'm always in the market for a comfy pair of cargos.  The perfect pair have been so hard to find!  So often, the rise is too low or the legs are too tight.  I stumbled across these in TJMaxx the other day and jumped on them.  Up until Saturday night, they were part of a strapless jumpsuit.  When I bought it, I had no intention of wearing it as a jumpsuit and couldn't wait to get home to disconnect them!

I know this look isn't for everyone ... a little flashy, I know.  But for me?  It's perfection.

9-6-11 5
WHBM thrifted jacket, $20 (get the look here or here) - Loft tee, $8 (get the look)
TJMaxx ex-jumpsuit, $17 (get the look) - Sandals via Ross, $9 (get the look)

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