Saturday, September 10, 2011

weekend warrior: pittsburgh zoo

Last weekend, John and I just wanted to get away for the day.  So, we hit the road, headed west and spent the day at Ikea and the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium.  I am such a sucker for zoos and aquariums - it was a blast!  So, here's an overload of photos.  May you live vicariously through us!

sting ray
Stingray - I got to touch him!
shark 3
shark 2
Total.  Shark.  Geek.
shark 1
penquin 2
penguin 1
These guys were such show-offs!  They would run and dive and swim super fast and then pop out the other side.
I want this guy's life.
oct 5
We actually got to see this octopus moving along the side of the tank.  It was really cool!q
oct 4
oct 3
oct 1
leo 11
Such an incredible coat!
leo 8
A little boy kept saying she was eating a hot dog - so cute!
leo 5
And so close!
Terrifying.  Absolutely terrifying.
jelly 4
jelly 3
jelly 2
jelly 1
These were just glowing!  So neat to watch.
gorilla 8
I can never get over how amazingly human-like gorillas are.  They're amazing!
gorilla 6
gorilla 5
gorilla 4
gorilla 3
gorilla 1
gibbon 3
This guys was bummin'.
gibbon 2
Elephant blogger pose?
elephant 1
bear 10
I could have watched these guys ALL DAY LONG!  They were SO BIG, yet so graceful.  There's a viewing area that is essentially a tunnel that runs under their habitat.  It was just incredible to watch!
bear 7
bear 6
bear 5
bear 4
bear 3
bear 2
This guy acted like a true king!
If you're ever in the area, the Pittsburgh Zoo is totally worth checking out!

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