Tuesday, October 4, 2011

epic hair and designer jeans

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It doesn't get much better than that, folks!

Sorry for the picture overload.  My hair may never do this ever again, so I want to make sure it's well-documented!  You know, for posterity and all...

This has been a go-to outfit for me lately.  The moment the slightest chill hit the air, I couldn't wait to throw on this silk jacket and a pair of jeans.  It's not only extremely comfortable, but I can't help but feel way cooler than I really am in a look like this!  The jacket was a lucky find in a friend's vintage collection.  She's liquidating and sold it to friends for a mere $5/bag.  I would have paid 5 times that for this kimono alone!

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Lucky Brand sent me these Sophia Boot Cut jeans way back in July, but it was just too hot to break them out until the last few weeks.  Can you believe that these are the very first and only pair of designer jeans that I own?!  It's true.  I've never even taken the chance to try any on ... ever!

I must admit, I can see why people get addicted to expensive denim.  It's niiiiice.  So soft.  So comfortable.  These have lots of stretch and pretty much fit like a dream.  They even wowed John the very first time I tried them on.  Like most pants, I had to hem them a few inches, but I imagine it will be well worth it.  As the mercury drops, comfy denim is going to be this girl's go-to!

What's your favorite denim brand?

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Vintage kimono jacket (get the look with this - wouldn't this be an awesome DIY?) - thrifted BDG t-shirt, $2
Lucky Brand Sophia Boot Cut jeans, c/o (get them here) - Aerosoles Blackjacks, $40 (get them here)

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