Friday, October 28, 2011

the good the bad and the ugly

10-25-11 1
10-25-11 2
10-25-11 3
Striped blazer via TJMaxx, $20 (get the look) - ASOS blouse, $17 (get it here) - JCP jeans, $7
Old Navy flats, $20 (get the look)

The good:  I have had a striped knit blazer on my wishlist for ages now and finally scored this one at TJMaxx last week for a mere $20.  I think I wore it 3, maybe 4 times this past week.  LOVE!

The bad:  I think I'm officially over skinny jeans.  Not on others - just on me.  I'm feeling a bit too squat.  I'm sure they'll stay in my wardrobe, since they are pretty functional in crappy, winter weather.  But until then, they'll be on the backburner in lieu of my super long flares.

The UGLY:  Moments after taking these photos, tragedy struck.  I dropped my camera ... LENS SIDE DOWN ... on the pavement!  I still get a little emotional every time I think about it.  I realize that for most, this is not a tragedy, but for those who take photos of themselves every day, it puts a cramp in things.  Luckily, I still have my kit lens.  And the broken lens was not terribly expensive, but the price to fix it is almost exactly the same that I paid for it brand new.  Ouch.

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