Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sweaty wednesday: 25 reasons

Another day.  Another dollar.
Steak burger have nothing to do with this post, but this was my view all weekend.

Today's post isn't so much about sports or fitness.  It runs a little bit deeper than that.

I've been traveling every weekend for the last 3 weekends.  While I've been having a blast, I hate having my routine so continuously interrupted.  It's so hard to get back on track to a healthy lifestyle when you're running from here to there and everywhere!

When I returned home this past Sunday, I took a deep breath, relaxed and immediately started planning my next week - healthy eating, regular exercise and the whole nine yards.  But going through the motions wasn't enough.  I had to get to the root of it.  I had to sit down and take some time to articulate why I wanted/needed to get back on track.  A couple of weeks ago, I challenged folks in my meetings to write down 25 reasons why they wanted to lose weight.  And it was high time I did the same.

So, 25 reasons why I'm willing to work towards a healthy living ... time and time again:

1. I want to feel strong.
2. I want to see my muscles.
3. I want to feel "clean."
4. I want my body to be well-fueled.
5. I want to be more productive.
6. I want to be happy.
7. I want to know I'm healthy.
8. I want to run 9 miles on Thanksgiving Day.
9. I want to see my abs.
10. I want to be proud.
11. I want to be at my goal weight.
12. I want to feel clear-headed.
13. I want to feel alive.
14. I want to feel like ME!
15. I want to have more endurance.
16. I want to feel comfortable.
17. I want to live like an athlete.
18. I want to feed my body, not my feelings.
19. I want to honor my hunger.
20. I want to be in control.
21. I want to live like a healthy person.
22. I want to be at peace with my weight.
23. I want to love my body ...
24. ... so that I can love others.
25. I want to be the cause of the ripple effect.

While I realize that some of these may seem trite and superficial, it doesn't really matter.  What matters is how attaining all of these things affects the rest of my life - work, relationships, happiness - in such a positive way.  Some will be easier to accomplish than others.  Some are almost redundant.  But sometimes, it's the power of repetition that reinforces our conviction and motivation in our journey to a better self.

So, tell me ... what motivates you?

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